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SanjoMount is a dream project of 14 stations of the cross for St.Joseph Parish Church members, Vadakkummury, Kerala.   This project was fruitful  when Philip Mathew Kallickal, son of Mathai  & Annamma  Kallickal and great  grandson of Mathai Pothen and Anna Kallickal donated his one acre & 32 cents of free land to church and Johny Kallickal son of Chacko & Annamma Kallickal and great grandson of Mathai Pothen & Anna Kallickal also contributed his land free for this purpose. Also bought 3 cents of land from Kunjumon Kanathil which gave way for connecting the landing station of SanjoMount. Another landmark for the SanjoMount is sixteen individual families came forward and sponsored sixteen stations including starting & landing station.

For almost one year, under the leadership of Fr.Shaji  Poothara(Vicar), St.Joseph Church discussed this project with parish council and special committee & board of members of St.Joseph Parish and got final approval and Archbishop Mathew Moolakkattu laid the foundation stone  for building SanjoMount on Sept 14th, 2014 and is expected to complete by the mid of year 2015. More details will be updated shortly!

History Remembers!

       Archbishop Mathew Moolakkattu

Mathew Moolakkattu

Fr.Shaji Poothara

Fr.Shaji Poothara


Land Sponsors

Mathai Pothen & Anna Kallickal

Land Sponsors

Philip Mathew Kallickal

Land Sponsors

Johny Kallickal








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